CLRA holds an open public forum on the last Wednesday of every month from January to November. The meetings are open to anyone interested in learning about the law and how to exercise your rights.

Discussion Topics

Relevance of the Australian Constitution and understanding how it applies to State, Territory and Federal legislation.

Learning how the Commonwealth Constitution and inherited laws of England apply to the issuing of fines / infringement / penalty notices, and seizure of property.

Gaining knowledge of aspects of the rule of law, i.e. the inherited laws of England and the Commonwealth of Australia’s Constitution Act 1900 (UK) including knowledge of court procedures.

Knowledge of estate in fee simple inherited rule of law on property, on the use and enjoyment of land.

The important role that all people have in the structure of governance in Australia, including various other topics that are relevant to the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia.

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CLRA Meetings held in Burwood, Melbourne
When: Last Wednesday of every month from Jan to Nov.

For First Time Guests / Beginners: Introductory information available for download from website

Start time: 7:30 pm
Duration: Approximately 3 hours.
Tea, Coffee and snacks are available.

Upcoming Meetings at Burwood in Victoria

Wed 31-Jan-2018 @ Burwood
Wed 28-Feb-2018 @ Burwood
Wed 28-Mar-2018 @ Burwood
Wed 25-Apr-2018 @ Burwood
Wed 30-May-2018 @ Burwood
Wed 27-Jun-2018 @ Burwood
Wed 25-Jul-2018 @ Burwood
Wed 29-Aug-2018 @ Burwood
Wed 26-Sep-2018 @ Burwood
Wed 31-Oct-2018@ Burwood
Wed 28-Nov-2018 @ Burwood

Entry Fee
Entry to all venues $9.00 for non-members & $4.00 for members. Cash Only.

Meeting Location

4 Renown Street
Burwood VIC 3125

What to bring
Notepad and pen or pencil for taking notes and a USB memory stick to upload the nights information if you want to study it at home.

Bookings are not required, though if you wish to be notified of future meetings, simply join our mailing list.

The information presented is for educational purposes and general guidance only as it is not legal advice.

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