About CLRA

CLRA ( formerly Community Law Resource Group) was created to educate and inform Australian’s of their Constitutional and Common Law rights.

We run public monthly meetings to raise awareness and help people to exercise their rights within the law.

We are ordinary Australians, perhaps extraordinary through our sensitivity to the need for the true Rule of Law, keenly aware that Australia can only succeed and survive as a free and egalitarian society if its laws are honestly made, justly applied and protected from corruption.

We believe that living in a Democracy and enjoying the rights thereof obligates every man and woman to participate actively in protecting that Democracy as well as in practising it. It is sad but true that constant vigilance is the price of freedom.

CLRA Values and Approach

Whilst we understand that some of the information we present regarding unjust laws can cause frustration, anger and resentment, we are mindful in the way we suggest people deal with it.

We do not condone any action performed in anger or resentment to Servants of the Public that are ignorant of the fundamental flaws that we uncover. If we are to truly make a positive change in society, we must be that change, and not make it a war as some people seem to do, which only leads to an unfavourable response from those that we would rather work with than against.

We therefore strongly suggest that people use understanding, patience and compassion when dealing with such matters for true democracy to succeed. That being said, we encourage using our power within the law to bring justice to those that operate outside of the law.